Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November is Diabetes Awarness Month

Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle but an even more important part of a diabetic’s lifestyle. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore but should be fun and challenging. There are plenty of ways for people to get exercise without signing up at a gym or hiring a personal trainer (but that is a good way to get your exercise). If you don’t like lifting weights or attending aerobics classes then find something you like. Whether it is dancing around in your living room, riding a bike, hiking, ice skating, bowling or swimming there are plenty of ways to add exercise into your life and it could mean saving your life.

Obesity is on the rise, in fact skyrocketing, which means diabetes is on the rise too. The norm for what the average American thinks they should weigh or size that they should wear has increased and because of this many parents don’t recognize there child as overweight. Just thinking your child is thick, big boned or a little chunky and that they will grow out of it or think there is no need for concern can be a fatal mistake for your child later on in life. An overweight child is twice more likely to get diabetes than a child in the normal weight range. While some children are diabetic due to genetics most children who get diabetes later in childhood or early adulthood could have been prevented with proper diet and exercise.

Teaching your child about healthy eating and exercise is such an important tool to use and the earlier you start teaching them the more likely they will become healthy adults. It’s never too late to start teaching them but you must be an example as well. Check out the American Diabetes Association’s website for the top ten benefits to being active.

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